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An emorgasm is a reaction formation, or psychiatric defense mechanism in which, upon confrontation with depressing emo phenomena, one has an orgasm.
"Hey, can I borrow your guitar? I'll even put an A.F.I. sticker on it for you..."
"Kevin, of course! Thats like a major emorgasm!"
by abq_assmilk August 10, 2006
when you cum but your crying at the same time....grinding to dashboard
Dude, that cute little emo freshman makes me want to emorgasm. HAWT
by Niki WIlliams May 02, 2005
Refers to the sound similar to "awwww" or "ooohh" made when one encounters someone that is emo
That boy is so sad....he made me have a emorgasm....
by cryemo October 20, 2005
The event in which one is so emo that they cry blood and bleed tears. life is really really bad and stuff, think i just had an emorgasm.
by Qrrbrbirbel October 15, 2005
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