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(Noun) Depression with music. Most often sufferers from emopression will seclude themselves from others and may even forego from activties they may have previously adored, such as weed, friends, or World of Warcraft, to drift into a state of reliance on music (often the emo genre).
Friend 1: Hey, let's go play some WoW.
Jason: Naw, I'm gonna go listen to music...
Friend 2: Hey, dude, let's go bowling.
Jason: *No response with headphones on*
Friend 1: Hey, Friend 1, we gotta get Jason out his emopression soon before he does some rash.
Friend 2: I concur.
by VeGeToIsE March 06, 2006

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Depression with music.
Jason's emopression was so bad, he resorted to music over World of Warcraft, homework.
by Jason H. March 05, 2006