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An e-mail] with emotional ("emo]") content. Most often, emoils come from sentimental ex-lovers.

The hyphen that is frequently included in the word "e-mail" is omitted in the word "emoil" so as not to interrupt the spelling of "emo" at the beginning.
College girl to friend: "Ugh, Brad just sent me another pathetic emoil. He's an idiot if he thinks he has a chance. Can't he see how much hotter my new boyfriend is?"

TA to professor: "Would you talk to the student who keeps sending me emoils about wanting an extension on the paper? I know her whole family just got killed in a fire, but she should still be able to meet deadlines."

Worker to co-worker: "He's totally gonna fire me for the crack cocaine incident. Maybe I should try sending him an emoil."
by ®© April 22, 2009
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