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A fart that farted from an emo fag's ass.
Nobody cares about how emos feel, not even the smell of a emo fart.
by Lethal_Mouth August 18, 2008
Foul smelling burnt gas released by emo's due to excessive consumption of vegemite sandwiches, crackers, chocolate pudding and tears.
Person 1 - BROILE!Smells like someone barbecuing turds!

Person 2 - I think one of those emo kids just released an emofart.

Person 1 - Did he eat a WHOLE lettuce?
by Hello its M D June 15, 2008
a synonym for a quiffe or a deathly fart by an emo. An insult
Joe: Man that guy over there is such an emofart!
Jack: Yeah what a fag
by Larry The Cat January 10, 2007
a synonym for quiffe. or a deathly fart made by an emo. an insult
dude i hate that guy!
yeah what an emofart!
by Larry The Cat January 17, 2007
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