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a person(usually emo)who is always depressed. who talks about how there life is shit.(even tho they have tons of friends, money, and love, but are just too blind to see it.) and then they make there so called "depressing life" a public matter by post in a status and blog.
Emo girl: I hate my life. No one loves me, my friends talk about me behind my back, and my parents don't even know i'm alive. Wheres my razor?

Stoner dude: "Stop being so "emodramatic". Now come out of the corner, put the razor down, and come smoke some pot with me. ok?

Emo girl: love me right?

Stoner dude: yes, but really stop being so emodramatic all the time.

Emo girl: ok.
by Echo710 April 21, 2010
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