A god among us he controls your sorrows and hell. He lives in California looks stoned all the time and plays zelda.
Emo Jesus interfered and our relationship is over, now I feel like becoming emo!
by Nott Nott August 16, 2008
Top Definition
another term for Criss Angel the best magician in the world
i love watching emo jesus on A&E every wednesday night at 10.
by squilliam November 30, 2006
An Emo boy that,while still be a whiney self concious Emo kid,acts like he's the best Emo boy that ever existed,and lectures other Emo kids on things like veganism and enviromentalism,in turn gaining ALOT of attention and respect in the Emo community.
My ex. boyfriend : "blah,blah,blah,vegans can't do this,blah blah blah,gay rights,blah,blah,the right way to make a vegan taco is blah,blah,blah..."

Me: "ZOMFG Damien your such an emo jesus,wanna makeout?"
by EMO Adrianna November 01, 2007
Emo-Jesus has straight long black hair and a pouty face.
He thinks he is holy and better than everybody else.
Look! Theres Emo Jesus
by Frankston Kern March 21, 2007
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