emoglasses are glasses that are usually extreamly bold and black.. some emo posers get these when they dont even need them to see. just to look EMO!!
guy:OMG you wont believe what i got at hot topic!
other emo guy: what did you get?
guy: i got emoglasses so i can be supper emo!!
other guy: yay ive got to go get them now too !
by eff a cow June 27, 2006
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Thick, black-rimmed "nerd" glasses that make women look incredibly sexy
"That girl in the emo glasses is so fucking hot; I just want to blow my load all over them."
by Conan Troutman August 08, 2003
Glasses with thick black frames, worn by people that don't actually need glasses, Make Skinny girls look hot in a hot-librarian-loves-the-cock kind of way. Makes fat girls think they look like hot Librarians when they actually look more like Ugly-bitter-librarian- feigning-originality-with-ugly-glasses. Emo Glasses Help skinny boys turn their skinnyness into a "thing" and subsequently gets them laid. Makes Fat boys look like Drew Carey.
"the hot one with the emoglasses next to the fat bitch in the emo glasses"
by Happelshmatz August 09, 2005
Very ugly, thick, black glasses worn by trendy fans of emo music. They resemble traditional "nerd" glasses and many emo fans think it's cool to pretend that they are nerds because they think they are being nonconformist. However, since emos now make up the vast majority of people on planet earth, doing so is very conformist and insulting to real nerds who toil endlessly to keep your computers working.
Look at that guy with the emo glasses, he listens to trendy crap music.
by cm August 26, 2004
Thick framed geek glasses. Buddy Holly wore these. Just because I wear them doesn't mean I'm emo! So don't judge a person by their glasses.
Emokid: Are you emo, because you're wearing emo glasses.
Me: Hell no.
by xRaex April 16, 2006
A type of black-framed glasses often worn by emo enthusiasts and lesbians. Also occasionally seen worn by guys who are trying way too hard to look smarter than they actually are.
Emo glasses can be seen frequently in non-chain coffee shops in college towns.
by Ryan Thompson August 10, 2004
thick black rimmed glasses that marose emo kids tend to wear. Mine rock my world.
That emo kid is wearing emo glasses.
by emoem April 03, 2004
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