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Glasses with thick black frames, worn by people that don't actually need glasses, Make Skinny girls look hot in a hot-librarian-loves-the-cock kind of way. Makes fat girls think they look like hot Librarians when they actually look more like Ugly-bitter-librarian- feigning-originality-with-ugly-glasses. Emo Glasses Help skinny boys turn their skinnyness into a "thing" and subsequently gets them laid. Makes Fat boys look like Drew Carey.
"the hot one with the emoglasses next to the fat bitch in the emo glasses"
by Happelshmatz August 09, 2005
(Australian) Of Bogan origins.
Plural of You. Referring to a more that one person. The pinnacle of ignorant grammar.

Non-bogans think this term is hilarious, especially when used by a bogan or by another non-bogan imitating a bogan.

Bogans can't spell this word, known variations are: Yous, You's (the reason for apostrophe usage is yet to be discovered depite teams of scholars devoting their efforts)
"what're youse guys doin' youse wanna get some beers of somethink?"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
(Australian) Something. Used by bogans. Sign of Mental deficiency.
"youse wanna go down the street or somethink"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
When used in lyrics by artists with known drug habits/addictions - her will undoubtedly be interpreted by shallow moron fans as a reference to heroin. See Elliot Smith, Alice in Chains if you don't believe.
"'everything Reminds me of Her' is obviously referring to Heroin - Fan-Missing-Chromosome-18"
by Happelshmatz August 09, 2005
What Cat Enthusiasts* call Cats in a vain attempt to humanize them.

*Lonely lonely people, a cat cannot fill the void. Admit it, you want a child.
"I don't even want children, my Moggies and I are perfectly happy, sure I cry a lot, and i hate when people talk about marriage, but I'm happy with myself and that's all that matters"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
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