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A person who plays/listens to the worst music of all time. You can find them crying in a corner slitting their own wrists.
"Shut up you stupid fucking emo twat!"
by HAND May 05, 2004
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emo kid twat
emo kids are very easy to spot because they are all clones.
this is what defines an emo...

.emos NEVER ever admit to being emo, except ot other emos already in their confidence.

.not all emos cut themselves but if they don't they will definitely pretend to. Wristbands hide the scars.

.you can't be blonde and emo. emo kids with any light shade of hair or red hair die it black.

.it is very emo not to have you hair died professionally. true emos use boot polish.

.emo clothing follows fashion trends (such as stripy tops/socks) closely as many emo girls are actually sluts...

.emos wear converses. always. Its like, the law.

.emo clothes usually have to be predominantly black.after that any colours are okay especially neon.

.all emo girls fancy pete wentz. (fact.)

.when emos go to rock concerts they usually go for underground bands because that's Cool and very emo.

.no emo kid is allowed to look the slightest bit excited, or even interested at all, at a rock concert. even if it's their favourite band and the music is awesome.

.at concerts you may find large crowds of people just standing there looking stupid. they're emos.

.emo clothes can come from anywhere although watch out: it is very emo for emo guys to find their clothes at the flea market. Emo girls shop with their emo boyfreinds' credit cards.

.eyeliner. emos can't live without it. guys wearing eyeliner:leave this to billie-joe and johnny depp. it doesn't look good on you.

.emo music is all about rubbish usually. Emo kids writing songs: she dumped you. get over it.

.emo music you cant be truly emo unless you love- my chemical romance. green day. fall out boy. dashbord confessional. hawthorne heights. afi. atreyu. avenged sevenfold. and anything in between is ok.

.emo music is like, your life.

.you indulge in ''experimentation'' i.e. snogging several members of the same/opposite sex who you don't even fancy just to see what it feels like.

.a message to emo guys- it's OKAY for you to fancy other guys but dont get off with them and pretend to be straight afterwards. And dont snog them IF YOU DONT FANCY THEM, dorks.

.emo kids think they are HARDCORE and NON-CONFORMING. they are all clones.

.the lives of all emo kids are tradgedies from beginning to end. If its not tragic enough emos are resourceful and create/invent awful events in their lives that deeply damaged their psyche (APPARENTLY).

.just like chavs, their are wayy too many emos in the uk. time to convert some of them to true metal.

one last thing:
emo guy spends ages in the bathroom:
he's not pissing. HE'S DOING HIS HAIR.

(2/5 face minimum requirement.)

Extract from the diary of an emo.twat...

Whine. My eyeliner snapped. =( crisis. I borrowed my sisters so now I'm grounded. My dad hit me again (lie). I wrote a poem to express how i felt inside:
My life is like a desert.
It goes nowhere.
Nobody cares about me
Nobody cares about me
I'm falling into this black abyss
so dark
I cut myself twice today. I didn't feel anything.
But then I got blood on my Fall Out Boy t-shirt.
I was devastated....
Someone asked me If I was emo today. Of course I said no.
...and so on.
so as you can see, emo kids are very depressing.
For a full explanation on the ins and out of emo kids go to and watch the ''how to be emo'' video.
p.s. Do the world a favour. Kill an emo kid.
Emo Kids suck! Hard!
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