Bands that are called "emo", but they are played on MTV and liked by whiny 13-16 year old preps that are spoiled rotten. It's pop music that has the elements of emo in it such as whiny emotional lyrics and emo like guitar riffs and all that shit.
Emo pop: All American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Sum 41, etc.
Emo: You name some for me!!
Top Definition
A type of music which began in the 1990s recreation of emo. Even though emo almost died out in the 1990s when emocore bands like Rites of Spring, Embrace and Soul Side were gone, there were some emocore bands like Policy of 3 and Hoover. One side of this recreation of bands who were called the new emo sounded more like alternative rock or indie rock than punk rock (Sunny Day Real Estate, Weezer, Texas is the Reason), but then the other side sounded more like pop punk. While some think Fall Out Boy or something began emo pop, they didn't. It's been around longer and since the mid-90s. Jimmy Eat World's first album was definitely emo and sounded more like emo-punk. Then on their second album, they changed since then. They would play indie rock like Sunny Day Real Estate, but they played emo pop which is heard in songs like "Rockstar", "Lucky Denver Mint" and "The Middle". Saves the Day also are emo pop, but they have played indie (their first album was, believe it or not, emo-punk). The Get Up Kids were a major emo pop band. Ironically, some people will reject emo pop as emo but then they call these guys "emo". The band IS pop punk. If you don't believe me, listen to "Forgive & Forget", "I'm a Loner Dottie, I'm a Rebel" or "Action & Action". I bet these people only heard "I'll Catch You" or something. In the 2000s, bands like Fall Out Boy and Boys Like Girls were the new wave of emo pop bands. However, emo was bound to be a punk genre, not an indie/pop punk genre.
Emo pop bands include Jimmy Eat World, Midtown, The Starting Line, The Get Up Kids, Fall Out Boy and Boys Like Girls.
by e9d8e2yh9d8yd92 November 08, 2013
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