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A person that looks as if he is a cutter that wears south pole clothes
Andrew Smith is the only emo gangsta
by EG77 September 14, 2006
There is no such thing. Real "gangsters" are from places like L.A, Chicago, and St. Louis. Emo kids are from the suburbs, usualy rich and don't know REAL troubles. They cry about getting their cell phones taken away for attention as if someone in their familey just died...
emo kid: my house only has 2 stories on it, i'm so emo gangsta. Brb, i'm going to hot topic for a bit.
by XDfuckallemos September 08, 2007
Avenged sevenfold. If you have seen pictures of them you know what I mean.
White suburban teen 1: OMFG!!!!! A7X IS LIKE TEH SEXXORZ!!!1!!1!1!! sUCH METAL GANGSTAS!11!!!!!!

White suburban teen the second: I NO, DUDE, THEY ARE LIKE THE MOST MEDTAL BAND AROUND!1111!!!!111!!!1

Little ole me: No, they are emo gangsta cunts. If you want metal that doesn't make you look a mans ass and think "lunchtime" try Mercyful fate, venom, motorhead, overkill etc......
by Whitey McCrackFiend June 29, 2007
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