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When you see something so tragic that you get the opposite of a boner.
Boner: Hot girl has a wardrobe malfunction.

Reverse boner: You catch an old fat guy in your bed masturbating while he eats a fish a jelly sandwich and laughs at you because he hacked your Xbox profile and is ruining your great Call of Duty record. And he killed your newborn and sick kitten with the bone from the chicken that you were going to eat for lunch and is using the fur as a fake mustache.
by GloverX10 January 01, 2011
A brony who pushes their love for ponies until it seems like Nazism.
Tom: Dude, did Jerry try to get you to become a brony like he is?

Frank: Nah, he's more a ponazi. Not only did he try to make me watch it, he tried to make me read his fanfics and draw fan comics with him.
by GloverX10 July 26, 2011
When a person is too old to go trick or treating, (usually at age 16) but can't resist the allure of free candy, they take a small child trick or treating so they themselves can go.
My parent told me I was too old to go trick or treating, so I used my friend's little sister as a scapegoat and went and Co-op trick or treating!
by GloverX10 October 16, 2009
When you are so emo, you're no longer gay and you become a gangster.

In the manga Naruto, Pein suffers throughout his life. Instead if wearing all black, cutting himself, and crying, he blows up the Hidden Leaf Village
Dude, I just beacame gangsta emo. My gf left me and I killed that hoe!
by GloverX10 August 11, 2009
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