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1. An emu (see flightless bird) who is feeling particularly sad (see whiny emo)
2. An emu with a sweetass sense of style.
3. An emu who can whail hardcore on a guitar, and cry while singing.
4. Shelby.
"That is an emo emu."
by Shelby March 25, 2005
1. An emu who is particularly emo
2. An insult to whiny emo kids

Emo emu says 'If i had wrists, I'd cut myself'
by Love Emu Hate Emo August 11, 2006
1.a source of good laughter for all un-emo people. Especially while near/around obnoxiously emo people.

2.Great t-shirt idea and humorous joke for katezell and maddee
~"I hate emo wierdos"
~"You know what the emo emu says"

The emo emu says "If i had arms i'd cut myself"
by Maddee1208 June 23, 2007
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