Generally thin and tall with hair that covers his face, usually jet black... They wear sweaters, tight sweaters... They attract lots of girls and I myself am quite attracted to them. They often get mistaken to be goth posers and are said to be cutters but truthfully almost none of them are. Some insecure men call them Bitches... Which is really mean because these men show emotion rather than hiding it... Anyways they're about the music they listen to bands you never hear of generally local and of the emo genre... I myself enjoy emo music... Examples of Emo Bands:
- The Used (Mainstream Emo)
- Silverstein (Emocore)
- Bright Eyes (Emo)
- From Autumn to Ashes (Screamo)
The emo boy walked down the road with his face to the ground wearing a pokemon shirt and tight jeans with jet black hair covering his face.
by Screamo.Child June 05, 2005
Are the nicest dudes you will ever meet. Yes, they are tapped into their emotions. And no, they don't cry in corners and slit their wrists. And are not gay. And they actually care about other peoples emotions. These stupid little ideas that people are product of a sick society that wants every one to wear Abercrombie and be perfect. They seriously are, the coolest people you could ever meet and they probally have alot more fun than you stupid conformists do. They make life interesting by not blending in. And thank god that they don't blend in. The world could use more guys that are emotional. And I mean, it'd be great. Because emo guys don't just think about sex. They actually care about how you feel. And you know, I love them for that. Because girls deserve to have men say something sweet about them once in awhile. Instead of, "Wow, she's hot!" The emo boy would say something simular to, "Hello, my darling girls name here how are this lovely evening?"
Sonny Moore and Matt Good are gorgeous emo boys.
by Kathryn [Katie] November 09, 2006
Boys who aren't afraid to show their emotions, and if you go out with them, will actually say he loves you. I have much respect to them.
Dark hair covering eyes.
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
A boy who listens to emo music, wears tight girl pants, and has hair that covers half of his face. Although they are a bit feminine, they are undeniably sexxxy. They are usually seen talking among a group of other emo boys or emo girls, usually about their emo music or emo sweaters.
1. Boy 1: Did you see that emo boy?
Boy 2: Yeah, he was so hot, I wish I looked like him.

2. Person 1: I don't get it, how come he always gets the girls?
Person 2: Cuz he's super emo and sexy! Gosh freaking idiot!

3. Emo boys are sex in a can.
by Twinkie March 24, 2005
Basically some of the world's most amazing and most unique guys you could ever get. The word Perfect would probably explain it all. Emo boys are the most cutest/adorablest things in the entire world, they're so sweet/caring/loving and they are also vain.They are amazing, you basically cannot describe them. If you see what they look like or even get to KNOW them i'm pretty sure you wont be calling them 'gay' or 'faggot' again. You know their emo if they wear really tight black jeans, a band t-shirt, have amazing black hair, wear makeup and listen to genre's such as punk/rock/indie or anything including the word metal in it. And no you worthless human they do not all cut their wrists and go in corner's and cry. Like them or not , it dosent give you a right to make fun about them. And dont mistake them for goths because they are a complete opposite from that. They would most likely call you a Chav which you possibly already are. And if you're a wog , stay away because people like that are way more than what you are or ever will be.
Hah, i think that's enough for now but yeah xD. Thank-you to anyone who ACTUALLY read this it would mean alot.
Emo's are perfection =].
AND IT DOSENT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, and that includes you, yeah you behind you're screen =O * pokes you with a spork *

&tannie; xo
Emo boys are perfection.
by &tannie; xo October 30, 2006
"emo" boys are generally young men who wear tight girls pants and sweaters or small t-shirts. they are absolutely beautiful among other things. they are all about music, and do NOT only sit around, cry and slit their wrists! emo boys are the perfect guy for pretty much any chick, although they are hard to find :(
aww, that emo boy is so pretty!! I want one!
by Erin April 04, 2005
emo boys rawk. they definatly DONT sit in dark corners and cry while slitting their wrists they are about the most best type of people that you will ever meet. if you have a problem with emos you can take it up with me and my friends. Emos are beautiful.
Emo boys are some of my best friends and they are perfectly content with their image so you shud be happy with emos they have what most people don't.
by logan (femme) December 17, 2005
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