a person who derives the pleasure of somebodys life because of a type of music they listen to, no different from gay bashers, but these people are just as their stereotypes are, i like to think "you say what you are" and i found the best way to ignore them is NOT LISTEN TO THEM
goodcharlottefan:"omg i love thursday"
thursdayfan:"yeah there awesome"
emobashinghomo666:"emo is so gay"
thursday:"you got their cd war all the time?"
goodcharlottefan:"no but i got lung collapse"
emobashinghomo666:"emo is for people who are gay"
emobashinghomo:"like people who's lives aren't perfect or 'normal' because they aren't like me"

and btw, my emails Uber_Krieg@hotmail.com, hate mail me add me i don't give a fuck and yeah i love emo <3 ^^
by Thursdayfan May 13, 2005
Top Definition
someone who beats the living shit out of any emo because of utter dislike and righteous hate for the genre. usually a metalhead, because metal rules, and emos are just fags that cut themselves for attention!!
emo kid-im gonna go cut myself because my gf dumped me for a real man!
emo kid#2-i bet it was one of those metalheads..
**emo basher-fuck yeah u fucking faggots!
**cuts emos w/ their own blade**
by spaztichesher December 24, 2007
An ignorant person making fun of emo kids simply because they lean towards the same style.
"That emo basher totally trashed Adam because of his eyeliner."
by Emo Bashers Suck November 12, 2007
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