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a person who derives the pleasure of somebodys life because of a type of music they listen to, no different from gay bashers, but these people are just as their stereotypes are, i like to think "you say what you are" and i found the best way to ignore them is NOT LISTEN TO THEM
goodcharlottefan:"omg i love thursday"
thursdayfan:"yeah there awesome"
emobashinghomo666:"emo is so gay"
thursday:"you got their cd war all the time?"
goodcharlottefan:"no but i got lung collapse"
emobashinghomo666:"emo is for people who are gay"
emobashinghomo:"like people who's lives aren't perfect or 'normal' because they aren't like me"

and btw, my emails Uber_Krieg@hotmail.com, hate mail me add me i don't give a fuck and yeah i love emo <3 ^^
by Thursdayfan May 13, 2005
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