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man who knows how to kick food up a notch
as i was walking the streets last night i mistakenly ran into a strange man named emeril lagasse
by leona May 19, 2005
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When you are about to ejaculate and a girl is giving you head, you tell her "let's spice it up a notch" and she will get confused and before she can do anything, do a pelvic thrust and yell "BAM!"
"I think a fractured my girlfriends jaw while giving her the emeril lagasse"
by BHSrapist October 29, 2009
Similar affects as a donkey punch, but in this instance instead of punching the person, you throw a hand full of pepper in their face to get them to sneeze and get that tightening affect. For full experience yell BAM!
when having anal sex and you're about to climax, grab a hand full of pepper and throw it in your partners face and yell BAM. As, they sneeze their anus will tighten and highten the pleasure. emeril lagasse should be perfomed at own risk.
by joesph baker August 22, 2009

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