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noun; Ehm-Cee.

Derived from the original abbreviation "MC," now used as the generic term for anyone who speaks over a beat, or performs songs that could be termed "hip-hop." Afrika Bambaataa and his contemporaries at the Universal Zulu Nation were the first to exemplify this term.
Originated as a term for the only individual at a party who could speak on the microphone while the DJ (Disk Jockey) was looping the hook or the beat. Various individuals claim that MC stands for the following:

1: Master of Ceremonies, generally the speaker presiding over a formal gathering, or the host of a Jamaican gameshow.
2: Move the Crowd. Originally proclaimed by the legendary emcee Rakim (of the group Eric B. and Rakim) on his 1986 urban hit "Eric B. Is President;" to Rakim, an MC was any rapper who was able to control the crowd that he was presiding over.
3: Microphone Controller.
4: Mic Checka

Et cetera.
1: The MC for Barnum and Bailey Circus is a professionally trained orator
1b: "The term, MC, stand for Master of Ceremonies" - A Tribe Called Quest, Midnight Marauders
2: "To me, M.C. means Move the Crowd" - Rakim, Eric B. Is President

"I'm, the Nineteen Naughty Nine MC
Microphone controller, master of ceremonies" - Naughty by Nature, Holiday
by Jason G.L. Chu April 21, 2004
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MC (Master of Ceremonies), a lyricist, Rapper. Considered by most to be more than just an ordinary rapper. A step above just a rapper an emcee not only writes great lyrics, but also rocks the stage equally well. one who raps with skill.
Mos Def is a prime example of an emcee.
by AwareNess March 08, 2004
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A word derived from "MC," meaning either "Master of Ceremonies" or "Microphone Controller." The elongated word "emcee" is used mainly as a more formal way to write it, and "MC" can be used for instant messaging and emailing.

An emcee is, in effect, the person(s) who speak and are the head of a show or performance.
At the local talent show, I was the emcee, being chosen as a great speaker to state the upcoming acts.
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spelled out version of "MC" (Microphone Controller). basically, a rapper, mainly, a hip hop artist in the underground. most emcees drop the "MC" when they hit the mainstream & what not.
when Marshall Mathers was underground, he was known as MC Eminem, but since he's become popular, he's just plain old Eminem aka Slim Shady, ya got me?
by Marshall Mirzada December 04, 2003
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by Eric Sermon November 09, 2002
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a rap lyricist who is good/great
you hear about that new emcee? He has he'll challenge anybody

what you know about a sweet emcee?
in the 313,
none of these skills you bout to see come free.
by jak December 25, 2003
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by Lauren March 28, 2005
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