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The religion of the shiny people. Anybody can be an emanist, as long as they're shiny. Emanism bases it's beliefs on having a high respect, admiration and love for one's self, while maintaining a love for others, especially other emanists. Emanism has no clear God, just the worship of self.
guy 1: hey, i'm thinking of converting to emanism, what you think?

guy 2: yeah man do it! i'm am emanist, and i've felt better about myself ever since. i love me!
by emancorpse August 05, 2009
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A religion with three main gods, where the earth is the scripture and Bonobo chimps are worshipped beings
Peasant: Dude, what the hell's Emanism?

Glorified one: It means you're less significant than a monkey, you're living on a book and if you don't join, you will reborn as a dandelion
by Glorified one June 14, 2011

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