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American colloquial; The self-important TV star has lost his/her show", ". . . retired", ". . . gone home for now"
elvis has left the tube - Could have been used when Roseanne Barr/Arnold/Roseanne had her sitcom cancelled. Better, when she completely fades from all sentient thought. (woops. just delayed that a bit)
by Elzeal October 16, 2005

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What the security detail says to each other over the radio when the honorable senator from South Carolina leaves the airplane and gets into a hmmwv (hummer) for his 97th birthday present from the army, a tour of Ft. Bragg.
We were iritated with Strom Thurmond for living so long, but when we heard that he left the plane it was funny and it made our day, even though we were freezing our assets off.
by G.I. Joe January 09, 2005