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Eloy is the Sexxiest guy ever!!! I wanna fuck him sooo bad!!!
Eloy is so damn fuckable!
by Shelbe May 06, 2005
A city in AZ. The literal meaning of Eloy is "God, Oh God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

It's the place where starz are born. A great lil' city located mid-point between Phoenix and shit-ass Tucson. It boasts the birthplace of the Bossiest out of Toltec. It also has other beautiful neighborhoods such as the El Gatos, La Grande Vista, Trekell Park, Picacho Heights, and the fabo South Side District.

It's a traditional place - people still cruise and they will never quit...ridin 'til the wheels fall off. It even has a Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Most people in Eloy follow in their care-givers footsteps and do what ever they want; a sign of success that can be seen all over town. Eloy also has several street performers such as Landell and Moose who can't wait to perform for you. Bi-lingual? So is Eloy, where English really is a second language.

Oh yeah! Skydive Arizona located in the beautiful Toltec district. Skydive Arizona is home to the world skydivathon, which is where everyone in the world comes to skydive, derp.

Th ethnic make up of this wonderful place is 75% Mexican, 15 % Black, 5% Indian, 3% Other, and 2% White.

Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket.
The Boss' son: Just come to Eloy for one day baby.
by Don Maccey January 02, 2007

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