The act of placing an extremely huge amount of Copenhagen Snuff into ones lower, and occassionally upper as well, lip. An Ellis will often resemble a large, wooly caterpillar and result in a state of extended euphoria leaving the face of the Ellis-er resembling that of a chipmunk.
Named for the BAMF Ellis, who is known for his ridiculously enormous... dips of chew.
Ellis-er: Packs can, removes lid and takes a two finger pinch. repacks can takes another two finger pinch. does this at least 6 times total and procedes to gut an entire mouthfull of tobacco juice.
Random Guy: "Hey everybody check this guy out he's half chipmunk!"
Ellis-er: "Muh-uh uihm cshehwin"
Other Guy: "He says, no hes not a chipmunk he's just Ellisin"
by mahmoud amidinijhad March 14, 2008
would fuck ur brains out. he dick is bigegr than your arm and he fuked ur mum last night
ellis morris fuked ur mum
by ellis morris November 21, 2007
The act of inserting a pen or other writing utensil into ones anus during masturbation for a pleasing effect. Also known by some australians as a penster.
i heard matt totally ellised himself with like thirty pencils saturday night.
by verda lozano June 09, 2007
To be getting beat by either the computer or another person in a video game and turning the game off before it is officially over without your opponent (should it be another person i.e. your buddy) ever getting to see his stats.

"I was beating Jon's ass in Madden and he couldn't score for the life of him. With 20 seconds left in the 4th quarter that asshole pulled an ellis and turned the game off. Said he was just tired of playing."
by Eric Tomchik March 20, 2007
A girl who has a really rude cocky additude and is only nice to people when she gets what she wants. Thinks shes top shit
Elli Only cares about Herself
by Chuckie123456789 October 22, 2011
a fatty who eats foodz too much
"ellis eats a lot of foodz man"

by ellis f December 19, 2007
Dirty bastard who molesters little kiddies in showers. also feels you up all the time and is a plebelian.
ellis: can i shove my cock in you ?
person 1: err no tar maytee shove it up your ass and lick it (y)
ellis: why?
Person 1: because you have no cock, if you did, you'd have to use a magnifying glass to see it maytee (y)
Ellis: can i pleasee?
person 1: err no!
ellis: ill rape you
person 1: err, id like to see you try maytee,

ellis: you made me cum
person 1: oh shit :') dirty boy! :O :')
ellis: im wanking
person 1: Ooooh what you wanking, cos theres nothing there too wank maytee (y)
by megan morris April 30, 2009

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