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ELL (English Language Learning) students. PC term for what used to be ESL (English as a Second Language) students.
Serge, Carlos and Toshi skipped their ELL class today in favor of smoking a fatty.
by pedicabber May 22, 2005
1)n.-A joint,blunt,or doobie
2)adj.-a length used to describe rope
1)I decided to go in da back alley and smoke an ell

2)I have only 3 ells of rope
by Nima April 01, 2004
also know as excitedlovelife (all one word), descibes a happy, content, pleased, joyful and blissful moment. Antonym= rql (ragequitlife)
person 1: u just won 10 million dollars, 4 fastastic cars, 2 houses and an island. What would u like to say for the 3 page newspaper article in ur honour?
person 2: ell
by littlelaura:) December 11, 2009
a variation of the words "I will," when contracted to "I'll," never typed with a capital 'E' even when commencing a sentence. No known origin.
ell be right back.
by redlssgurl February 24, 2004