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Ell Dude is me. Yarr.
Hey, look over there, it's Ell Dude!
by Ell Dude, believe it or not August 16, 2003
Ell dude is a dude from www.gamefaqs.com in PS2, on the board GTA III Social. He takes it up the ass I believe...
Hi my name is Ell Dude... Oh yeah...
by Home Town Viper June 29, 2003
A guy who likes to spank Chuckhacks with his wang.
Ell dude is not the kewlies.
by Chucky August 20, 2003
A cool guy who is from the UK. He likes music and long walks on the beach.
I'm an ELL DUDE type of guy, you know?
by ecks dee June 28, 2003