Is a term used to describe a person who vastly superior compared to his peers. An Elite also has the power that allows oneself to sense the presence of "noobs"(one who falls in comparison to an Elite. An Elite can also use this Elite ability of sense to predict a noob's movement shortly before they make them, therefore making the attack much easier to evade also known as "Elite Evasion". Once an attack has been evaded an Elite more likely than not taunts the attacker with the phrase "FUCKING NOOB". Another rare Elite ability that cannot be obtained by any Elite except by a superior Elite also known as an "EliteDarkness"(named after the only known Possesor of this Ability) the "Elite Intimidation". It was first demonstrated by "EliteDarkness" when he used to scare off a hoard of noobs in battle. This type of ability also grants the user to dominate or control the wills of noobs, such as making the noobs unconscious. This ability overpowers the will of noobs and knocks them out if they get too close to an Elite. As stated by an Elite "EliteDarkness", an Elite has conditions that he must follow to maintain these Elite abilities. Such as Elite Shower, Elite Nap, Elite Eating and Elite Sleep. These conditions are accomplished on a Daily basis in a certain time of the day. (eg. Elite Shower must be done by 10pm, If an elite simply forgets that he has an Elite Objective, he is reminded by Elite Supervisors also known as Parents" if it is time for the Elite objective").
Known Users: EliteDarkness can be found playing Heroes of Newerth(EliteDarknes) considered as the best Devourer player in the game, Dota(EliteDarkness),ModernWarfare series(EliteDarkness)

Honorable Mention: EliteDragon(Heroes of Newerth)
EliteDarkness is the most elite of all Elites.


Noob : "I wish I can be as elite as you"
Elite : "You want to be as elite as me?"
Elite :" Well I teach on how to be Elite on weekends"
Noob : "Oh really? how much do you charge?"
Elite : *says an extremely large amount of money* (understandable as you get to learn how to be an Elite)

Noob1 : "A wise man once said lifesteal wins you games and kill very tough opponents like its nothing"
Noob2 : "That guy isnt not wise...HE IS FUCKING ELITE!"

Noob : "HELP THERE IS 5 GAMES CHASING AND TRYING TO KILL ME" *as he continues to run*
EliteDragon : "...... dude.. why run?"
by 1ColdNoob October 22, 2011
Noobs on halo 3 that are impossible to head shot. (Great for SWAT)
god damn this fuking elite!!! 10 head shot are sappossed to kill you !!! fuk fuk fuk fuk
by bobbyray111 September 14, 2008
- noun "al-eat" –

Is a term used to describe a person who thinks they are too good for everyone else or thinks of themselves as being “badd”.

An “elite” will tend to congregate in group or collective of fellow “elites”, as such, when there is more than one elite, they are referred to as being "elites", in this situation they will tend to converge in various locations and social gatherings where they will all "hang out" together.

An “elite” person may once have been cool (as in alright), however will only communicate with a “non-elite” in one of three circumstances. Firstly if they want something, whereby they will initiate contact, mostly likely by a random as txt or email, however if the this is unsuccessful, then a more direct mode of communication will be sought after, such a phone call or direct person-to-person conversation. Secondly if they have got nobody to hang out with in some social setting, in this case the “non-elite” will be so shocked that an “elite” is talking to them that they will need to take a moment and react along the lines of the following “fucken this guy” or “ohhh shieeet” or “sorry now wanna talk cause you got no friends” Thirdly if they have had some sort of confrontation or falling out with other fellow “elites” resulting in them being outcast from a their collective of “elites”, ultimately however in this case this out casted “elite” will have a short lived relationship with a “non-elite”, as they will eventually either find a new collective of “elites” to join or they will go running back to their original collective of “elites”.

The primary problem with the “elites” is that they try to put “non-elites” down, by judging them negatively; this is done through a variety of modes and mediums. The fact of the matter is that the “non-elites” are better in every way; this is why the “non-elites” believe that the “elites” should just shut the fuck up. Quoting a philosopher Maari Mukh, the “elites” THINK they are badd, emphasis on the word “THINK”, “non-elites” ARE badd, emphasis on the word “ARE”.

There is also debate about whether an “elite” can convert to a “non-elite”, however this has not been observed or witnessed in real life studies, as in most cases an “elite” will eventually revert back to thinking they are the man
oh nah, here come some elites; oh that GUYY, he's an elite; You're such an elite.
by Ramnijit Singh March 04, 2008
elite. the definition of cool, sexy, amazing, beautiful and gorgeous girls.
not used often, as it will lose its effectivness.
cory: man those two girls were beyond hot.

jared: who? emma and kate?

cary: yeah man.

jared: yo those girls are fucking elite!
by emma duncan January 29, 2006
reffering to the high skill / goodness of an object / person, also reffering to the popular clan 3 of the barrys world leauge during the late '90's and early 2000's (#3 for more details)
peon1. So what do you think of my new computer?
Peon2. its not too bad m8
Peon1.Fuck off m8 its fucking elite!
by Mrlee March 10, 2003
elite (n.) one who has pioneered internet surfing I.E.-brilliant person who has shed some "lite" on "e-manipulations"
I am considered "elite" when I have mastered unauthorized server intrusions and downloadz.
by sixpack6t9 February 26, 2005
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