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A very caring person that all the girls love to be around. He likes to make every girl feel very special, but then they get DUMPED. like boom baby, your gone sucker. but then he texts them later and is like ohhh, i still love you. but then he realizes the girl doesnt want him anymore and then hes like ohh well i better go move on causee im just so g. but no, no one else wants him because all the girls in the girl community COMMUNICATE! and they talk about how much he hurt them, but let me get one thing straight. he is sooooooooooooooo hot and attractive and just a beautiful creature. usually has a 4 pack. and a big nose. just sayin (;
big nose, probably black. 4 pack. Oh there goes my elisiah, hes so hot. <3
by your mom is anonymous322 June 25, 2011
one word....PLAYER. he thinks hes a hottie and that all the girls love him. WRONG! the clothes he wears makes him more appealing, but hes so cocky and thinks hes so cute. well, hes alll. hes got a big fat nose, he needs to get a 6 pack, and he needs to be more modest. love you <3 oh, and remember this...YOUR A DUMB BROAD (:
theres a dumb broad/hoe. its gotta be elisiah (:
by I LOVE MY BOY 'LISIAH June 25, 2011

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