Elise Johanson es thy coolest kiddie in thy world! she shall take a sh*t(hardy har har im in school...no cursing!) on someones chest!! i love that grl shes a beastt yaya elmer all thy way!
Elise-"I'm going to take a sh*t on someones chest."
Me- "Have fun, and remember follow your heart!"
by Studd (haha) April 05, 2005
Top Definition
elise is so fucking hot
"omfg who is that hottie over thur?!"
"o, thats elise johanson"
by ........... April 24, 2005
Coolest, hottest girl alive...plus quite good at h/u
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmmm ummmm
elise...wat can i say bout this hot chik? she is off thy hiz my niz...YA!! she shall lay a shit on someones chest if they wanted, bc thats the kind of person she is!! wahooo elmer fudd= my life yo she likes guys who have diks growing out of their asses!hhaha il her!
me- "Hey elise, follow your heart and take a shit on someones chest!!"
elise- "shall do!!!"
by stud yup thats me April 25, 2005
An awesome girl that i never knew could be so shy........ but i love her so much and not because of her looks.............because of who she is.
Elise: lets have a chugging contest
Me: OK but ill win
by Dan Sullivan April 03, 2005
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