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a goddess of the old Irish mythology. One of fertility, beauty and rituals of experimenting inventive sexual positions. Is shaped as the perfect woman, found in many Irish wood carvings.
that's one hell of an elinor you pulled out last night. didn't know you're that flexible!
by CookiesForAll February 05, 2010
The mating ritual of muticoloured penguins.
Penguins under the arua boriallus conforming to Elinor.
by ~Elinor~ February 13, 2008
noun; an incredibly sweet, sexy woman who can put a smile on your face with the greatest of ease. A Elinor has great strength of character and is an awesome friend who will always be by your side. She has an irresistible smile and the most beautiful eyes. A Elinor gives the best hugs in the world. She is a loving and caring girlfriend and the type of boys want to marry.I LOVE ELINOR!!
Hey look at Elinor she is soooo sexy... WOW
by Rebecca Yakobi March 18, 2013
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