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when an adolescent has a deep infatuation with a 30+ year old. opposite of pedophile.
creepy girl: *walks by Mr. Randall's classroom, unblinkingly stares*

girl 1: what an elihpodep!

girl 2: omg i know!! i bet she has the butterflies

girl 1: ...i don't even wanna know what's been on her mind.
by Ivana Lurn October 14, 2008
An underage person with an inappropriate attraction to an obviously older (and probably married) person. (elihpodep= pedophile backwards)
girl 1: omg did you just see that girl walk by??
girl 2: yesss she was eyeing that one male teacher.
girl 1: OMG I KNOW. shes dandy for randy.
girl 2: dude that is so sick. that nastyy ass elihpodep.
by Kellynell February 02, 2009
a young person who has a thing for old people.

the opposite of a pedophile.
jimmy is a total elihpodep.
by brian<shannon March 11, 2010

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