Elgin/Elgin Street Sweep: to break-up with a boy/girlfriend; unceremoniously dump someone. To sweep someone out of your life. Named after the ubiquitous brand of city street sweepers "Elgin".
"He was cheating on me so I gave him the Elgin."

"It's time you gave that guy the Elgin Street Sweep."
by Eileen March June 02, 2007
an unbelievably small-ass town in the north of Scotland

is only really known for it's burnt down cathedral and the private school (in the next town) which Prince Charles attended.

has lots of old houses and hairdressers on the main street
where did you say you live again?

by 0shirley0 August 22, 2007
1. a piece of shit town in South Carolina with one traffic light.
2. people who live in Elgin are usually poor.
1. "Where the hell is Elgin?!?!"
2. person1: "Wheres he from?"
person2: "Elgin"
Person1: "Poor fellow"
by robbie berends September 15, 2006
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