1 definition by DamnYankee

Small obscure rural town located near South Carolina's capital city of Columbia punctuated by random single-wide trailer homes. The one grocery store is like a gross-you-out food oddity museum for out-of-towners, stocked full with delicious redneck delights such as pork brains, pork snouts, pork tongues, fatback and chitlins in family sized packs. The local social life revolves around the post office as everyone in town stops by for a postage stamp on a daily basis. The town is proud of its history and recently celebrated a centennial and purchased a pretty neat looking town clock. But if you drive through looking for anything historical, you'll be hard pressed to find more than a charming old shack or two.
What's up in Elgin tonight?

Let's go hang out at the post office.
by DamnYankee September 24, 2010

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