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electrocore(eXc) is a cross between electronica and hardcore music. Electrocore is often used as a label, it is tougher than scene but not as tough as real hardcore and is thus somewhat of a cross between the two. The electrocore label is heavily influenced by the genres of music that "electros"(what electrocore "kiddz" are called) listen to. This is a range of heavy metal to techno. Most electros are straightedge, strong willed, untrusting, and apathetic as to what others think. Electros are constantly confused with punks, goths, emos, scensters, and hardcore kids, however, which label they are confused with depends on each individual electros style. The true birth of electrocore is somewhere in the south, either Florida, Georgia, Alabama, or Texas and there are very few true electros.

1. "that girl is so electrocore."
2. "electrocore?"
1. "yeah, she probably listens to a lot of techno music..."
by Mo-Mo Kidd February 10, 2008
your avenue for up to date information on everything Electroclash / Disko Punk / Electro / 80s / Nu Wave / Tech Pop / electro rock / Eurotrash / Synthpop / Rock / Local & Regional Events, New Music, Profiles, ElectroCore Forums, Record Labels, Album & Event Reviews, Purchase Music, The Top 10, Links, & much more. has everything you need. This group was created as a network source for electro fans throughout.
check for more info
by robbo December 21, 2004

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