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just found out another of my friends has it!!!!!!!!
rouske:i made up this cool word on urbandictionary: electro-kinetic sensitivity.
jade:cool what is it?
rouske:its where you can sense tvs being turned on without hearing them
jade:OMG i can do that!!!!!!!
rouske: wow!!!!
by rou rou September 29, 2005

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the ability to sense electrical appliances when they are activated. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ELECTRO-KINESIS. i invented the word to describe a form of telepathy previously undocumented, the ability to sense static electricty. it is a rare gift, i only know one person who has it.
*barcelona by queen plys in the background*
louis:did you hear that
louis:the tv
rouske:*looks at the tv in louis' room* wtf!!!
louis:not that one, the song *gestures at the stereo*
louis: *rewinds cd*
*beginning part of song plays*
rouske: nope
louis:its a tv i can hear it.
rouske:wow your psychic, lets call it electro-kinetic sensitivity.
by rou rou September 23, 2005