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touching/kissing/licking each other in a stimulating manner, in order to become "turned on" before having actual sex.
person 1:so are you two like, having sex?
person 2:no, well we've done foreplay but it hasnt lead to anything yet.
by rou rou September 25, 2005
the ability to sense electrical appliances when they are activated. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ELECTRO-KINESIS. i invented the word to describe a form of telepathy previously undocumented, the ability to sense static electricty. it is a rare gift, i only know one person who has it.
*barcelona by queen plys in the background*
louis:did you hear that
louis:the tv
rouske:*looks at the tv in louis' room* wtf!!!
louis:not that one, the song *gestures at the stereo*
louis: *rewinds cd*
*beginning part of song plays*
rouske: nope
louis:its a tv i can hear it.
rouske:wow your psychic, lets call it electro-kinetic sensitivity.
by rou rou September 23, 2005
a non-commital phrase meaning, maybe, not really , or not sure.
the exact meaning is: no, i dont know, probably not.
person 1: are you coming out later?
person 2: humnuh
by rou rou September 22, 2005
just found out another of my friends has it!!!!!!!!
rouske:i made up this cool word on urbandictionary: electro-kinetic sensitivity.
jade:cool what is it?
rouske:its where you can sense tvs being turned on without hearing them
jade:OMG i can do that!!!!!!!
rouske: wow!!!!
by rou rou September 29, 2005
A person with very obscene hair that sticks out like a fucking porcupine!! Maybe one day it may take over the earth and we may all have to eat fuzzy hair chips from school..well no biggy its like that now.Mostly modeled by werewolf (creepy) boys. Mabye women aswell will capture this terrible desease. if the werewolf boys DO take over the world it will be from the safety of there own back gardens.
Person: wow i like your hair!
Person 2: Yeah duuuude its so like duude LOOK AT MY HAIR!
Person: i gotta find a mop can i use you as it?
Person: Terrista?
Person 3: Fuck wit! Its terrorists
Person 4:Hi everyone!!
Person 3: Who the fuck are you and were the fuck did you come from?
Person:uhh huh huh FUZZY HAIR!!!!
Person 3: why the fuck OOOH NOO ITS TAKING OVER ME!!!
by rou rou September 22, 2005
an insult used by the very clever people (note the sarcasm) who realised that the word witch rhymes with the word bitch. a derogatory term for someone who practises witchcraft.
person 1: oi!!!!
*person 2 continues walking*
person 1: im talking to you, witch!!!
person 2: fuck off, asshole!!!
person 1: what did you say witchbitch!!!
person 2: you heard me.......asshole!!!
by rou rou September 21, 2005
in short: poser!!!
in long: a person who thinks they are rock because they bought a green day album and a band t-shirt. these people are just basically townies except they have the intelligence to except other types of music other than dance. rocktard probably has a friend who listens to rock music.
person 1: hey check it out im a rock chick!!!
person 2: *cough* rocktard *cough*
by rou rou September 21, 2005

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