A city in Mexiphornia USA. West of South LA in alto Mexiphorna. Hispanic for Number 2.
Mucho chile en el oso negro chile's bar El Segundo Mexiphornia. yo star fish gets hot-a-leta when yo eat
at El Segundo! 1 block north of old TRW billding!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
Top Definition
A preferably white neighborhood in the LAX area, many racist police. Name originated from in Spanish "The Second" for being the second Standard Oil's oil refinery in California.
The city of EL SEGUNDO is about a mile from here.
by HannahRose March 22, 2008
Where I left my wallet.
I left my wallet in El Segundo I gots ta get it i gots gots to get it.
by Mr. Manskeet February 14, 2009
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