El Paso is a city in the Armpit of Texas.. which has to tell you something about it right there. There are many terms used to describe El Paso.. such as El Shithole..ect. There isn't much to do here at all. If you like to shop.. we dont have very good stores. If you like amusment parks, well! We have one of those.. but it sucks.. its called Western Playland..it has one roller coaster and we are all surprised it hasn't fallen to the ground.When people move here from other far away places in America, that are actually fun and pretty.. we feel SOOO sorry for them! So when someone says im from El Paso.. they are from a Shithole!But just because we are from a shithole doesnt mean we dont KICK ASS!! Because the people down here in El Paso, are what make this city livable!
Hey guys im new here in town, i came from San Diego, California!

You poor thing!! You moved to El Shithole..I mean El Paso!

So what school are you going to?

I go to Franklin!

Oh well.. Franklin is a shithole in El Shithole
by Kristen.... November 27, 2005
A sprawling stain of concrete, dirt, liqour stores, and angry people who yell at you in a language you can't even understand. The entire city is covered in a reddish-gray haze between the hours of 5 to 8 PM. (then it gets dark). The only place in america with an amusement park right next to giant, polluting oil refineries that spew toxic water into the drinking water of millions of mexicans who actually drink out of the Rio Grande.

Go there and you'll understand why the Mars Volta writes such fucked-up music.
Person 1: "Lets Go To El Paso!"

Person 2: "No thanks, I Choose Life"
by Seamonkey August 20, 2005
What you do when you pass hitch hikers while traveling through Mexico.
Bob, what did you do when you saw the hitch hikers in Mexico?
I El Paso.
by Beach Allot March 08, 2004
A refugee camp for Mexicans escaping the hell holes of shitty Mexico. Located on the most western tip of Texas, El Paso is possibly one of the most unamerican cities to date. Good luck finding a well rounded American such as myself here. The Mexicans here are racist and extremely conservative, but vote for Democrats anyway, because they enjoy free handouts. This so called "city" should be given back to Mexico and is an abomination to Texas and the rest of America. The only good thing here is Chico's Tacos, but you'll get the runs within an hour of eating that hepatitis contaminated crap. Most people here don't even speak English and sound like barking chickens when they speak Spanish. If you ever want to visit Texas, please don't consider El Paso.
El Pasoan: "El Paso is bad ass!!!"

Non El Pasoan: "Yeah, if you're a dumbass Mexican."

El Pasoan: "No mames wey, vete a la verga!!!"

Non El Pasoan: "WTF did you just say? I don't want your damn tacos!"
by Imkewlnessyo January 08, 2010
A city in Texas known mostly for it's rich Mexican culture and close proximity to the border of Mexico. El Paso has been call many things such as: El Shithole, Hell Hole, El Hell Hole, ext. But really it's not a bad place. You like grass? Well it doesn't got much of that. You like rain? Well doesn't got much of that either. But it is the number one safest city in the U.S. as of 2011 and it's military base Ft. Bliss is very big to.

Sure it doesn't have lot's of flashy amusement parks or huge shopping malls but it has lot's of nice people and an atmosphere you can't get anywhere else. Not to mention some kick ass Mexican food!
El Paso! Farthest west in Texas you can get!

El Paso is not in Texas, it's in north Mexico.
by BlindLove April 12, 2011
El Paso is the centre of the low class trash universe. I just escaped from El Paso to take up residence in a city that has some class - San Antonio. And scientists say you cannot escape from the centre of a black whole. In moving to San Antonio I noticed that there were many El Pasoans and Mexicans. San Antonio had better do something to keep the scum from Mexico and the Chico's from El Paso out of here or San Antonio will become a larger version of El Shithole - sorry I mean El Paso. The people of El Paso are shit bag Mexicans and Chicanos - not the educated type that one finds in Dallas or San Antonio. Their main goal is to pull a scam on you and to f**K up your life if they can. As an escapee from Gulog El Paso I hope no one else gets sucked in. El Pasoans hate new ideas especially from outsiders - the words incestous comes to mind when thinking of their hiring practices. Anyone with new and exciting ideas need not apply.
1) Cathedral High School - very incesteous the principal graduated from there in 1980 - could not make it anywhere else. Is Brother Mel still telling 9th grade boys about the first time he got a hard on was when he saw his younger brothers naked body or that he has a cut joytoy???? They fired a great theology teacher for being of a different religion but they kept Brother Mel the Molester.

2) Trans America Security - cheats employees by giving them rubber cheques or trying not to pay them at all. If you complain the threaten to ruin your reputation. Owners claim to be good Catholics - they may be but they suck at being Christians.

3) Diocese of El Paso - lots of pedophile priests who do each other when not doing the boys in the El Paso-Juarez region. Superintendent of Catholic schools is a b**ch who fires people if they think or believe differently from her -Sr. Elizabitch as the Brothers at Gaythedral call her.

4) City County Government: only thing that can be said about them is: corrupt, thieves, moronic (esp. James Cook the mayor who sing stupid songs he writes about his family and Shitpaso), centre of a major FBI probe.
by Ricky62 October 14, 2007
Means “the pass,” and is the armpit of America and Texas. The 5th largest city in Texas with some 650,000 people or so along the border with Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The city is unarguably among the poorest, most uneducated and dirtiest cities in the country and Texas, making it one of the worst places to live. There are very few good jobs and many people hardly have an education. This is why El Paso has more 99-cent stores than you could shake a stick at. Probably the only people who like living there are those who have lived there their entire life and don’t know anything else. It is the epitome of low class and could never be mistaken for places like San Fran, San Diego or Seattle. Most people are dirty, smelly, uneducated Chicanos who can hardly speak English—so little in fact that you cant even go up to the drive-through at Taco Bell or McDonalds without having to ask them repeat their words.

It has become a sprawling stain of ghettos, concrete, dirt, liqour stores, and angry people who wont hesitate to cut you off on the freeway and then have the audacity to yell at you in Spanish. Air pollution is becoming a big concern and the entire city is covered in a orange smog during rush hour. Many of El Paso’s new residents come to the city via walking across the Rio Grande River with nothing but the clothes on their back, making illegal immigration a HUGE issue.

El Paso is among the poorest, dirtiest and most polluted cities in America. I don’t know why it has such a low crime rate as poor and dirty as it is and practically part of Mexico.
El Paso is the perfect example of what illegal immigration will do to every large city in America if our nation’s “leaders” don’t tackle the problem now. The best view of this hellhole town is in the rearview mirror on I-10 headed toward Houston.
by krock1dk April 12, 2008

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