Short for ELEVATED TRAIN. A train that is elevated.
You can find some really wierd people on the EL.
by L0VE January 22, 2006
Short for East Lansing Michigan. Home of Michigan State University. Pronounced Ee el
Dude, I'll be in EL tonight, you gonna be in town.
by Wonderbread1988 May 25, 2011
A blunt. Comes from philly where the cheapest cigars to roll blunts with weren't Philly's but instead White Owls. Over time, "roll an owl" morphed to "roll an el" and then "smoke an el".
"lets roll an el for the roots concert"
by franzikaner February 13, 2007
El = "The" in arabic. This word can be used in front of any word to really emphasize the word. It is a lot of fun to add an "el" in front of a word. Arab's around the world are use this frequently.
el what!, el Party!
by Hamdya June 05, 2006
a blunt
yo..lets smoke up that el
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
EL is an ancient measure of length, reaching (at least in the Netherlands) approximately 69.4 cm. The measure was local, in every major commercial center, established to differences occurred:

Amsterdam el 68.8 cm
Brabant el 69.2 cm or 16 waists
Delfsche el 68.2 cm
The Hague or ordinary el 69.4 cm
Goesche el 69 cm
Twente el 58.7 cm
Workumer or Frisian El 70.9 cm

The name is derived from the length of the forearm, the ulna. One could thus in a simple way measure lengths.

In connection with the levying of excise duty, The Hague el became the national standard in 1725.

When introducing the Dutch metric system in 1820, the El equated to one meter.

The Law of April 7, 1869 (Gazette No. 1957) were former names, including el abolished and replaced by the now customary terms. In the period 1820-1870 was a El of 10 palms (decimetres) or 100 inches (centimeters) or 1000 lines (millimeters).

El in the Bible and the Hadith books (ziraa) discussed, for example, the dimensions of the ark, is approximately 52 cm.
You can measure your el from the tip of the elbow to the top of your pink!!
by Rogerrabbit28 September 22, 2010
E.L. stands for "Enjoy Life".
You're leaving from your friends house:
"Bye John. E.L." (you let out a smirk while closing the door behind you and make sure he sees it).
by Angeloz May 05, 2009
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