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No pants; without pants.
Bryant is el goog today.
by Just Dotty May 09, 2005
12 21
Go to google and type in elgoog, then click on I'm feeling lucky to access a mirror world google. To do searches, you need to type in reverse. Really annoying and funny.
I ran an elgooG search for 'abmug abmug' because I love ego surfing. It linked back to urbandictionary, gametalk and a bunch of mafia and mountain bike websites
by Kung-fu Jesus June 26, 2004
256 64
the backwards of google
google.. ..elgoog see?
by Connotator May 11, 2005
26 10
The spanish version of Google, used for those mexican and spanish people who need a good search engine.

Also pronounced "El Google"
Sam-" Dude, now i can find online stores that sell mexican candy using ElGoog! "

Garret-" And you can buy a Brazilian mail-order bride! "

Sam- >.< " oh yesssss "
by Jordan Shan March 13, 2008
43 151