Person of lower intellectual abilities. A fool.
Used as a colloquial term in Ireland.
Look at that ejeet chasing the ducks.
by Zam Bion April 08, 2003
Top Definition
Ejeet is the definition of a major guild hosting company for world of warcraft and other mmorpg game related items.
John purchased his templates from Ejeet

Jane uses ejeet voip
by ej33tnet February 10, 2010
Synonym for "elite." Used primarily by the ejeetest of hackers.
"Wow, mom, that was some ejeet hacking!"
by AdrianL February 05, 2003
hacker slang for elite, the real hackers
That hacker aFexTz is ejeet, he knows wtf he is doing
by aFexTz April 03, 2003
Oh yeah, *sigh* is the BIGGEST fucktard, post it so on his def.
by Kicking it Homestyle February 05, 2003
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