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Ejeet is the definition of a major guild hosting company for world of warcraft and other mmorpg game related items.
John purchased his templates from Ejeet

Jane uses ejeet voip
by ej33tnet February 10, 2010
21 1
Synonym for "elite." Used primarily by the ejeetest of hackers.
"Wow, mom, that was some ejeet hacking!"
by AdrianL February 05, 2003
11 9
hacker slang for elite, the real hackers
That hacker aFexTz is ejeet, he knows wtf he is doing
by aFexTz April 03, 2003
20 20
Person of lower intellectual abilities. A fool.
Used as a colloquial term in Ireland.
Look at that ejeet chasing the ducks.
by Zam Bion April 08, 2003
28 33
Oh yeah, *sigh* is the BIGGEST fucktard, post it so on his def.
by Kicking it Homestyle February 05, 2003
1 18