The short form of ejaculation
I e-jacked on my dog.
by Nestea Roxorz November 21, 2004
Top Definition
a slang for idiot, silly
there were some ejacks that tried to run me over
by Azn baby December 22, 2005
A man, usually one who is rather socially inept, whose only sexual activity is pleasuring himself to Internet porn, gay or straight, thereby coining the term, "e-jack."
Bob is so inexperienced and horny, so he just sits in front of his computer every night e-jacking to every well-endowed muscle man he can find. He needs to get a life!
by Angie Keekleman May 19, 2007
an abbreviation of the word ejaculation
My cat is in heat. I pet her, and she got so excited she ejacked all over my wrist.
by simplybillyo March 14, 2011
Term used to generalise internet masturbators. i.e: People who talk a lot of shit in internet channels and games.

An offensive slang to outcast and degrade people.
Look at those dopey ejacks! Tuggin' on the pickle and spamming shit!
by kinsydrakes July 23, 2006
Short for ejacualtion
A funny name to call someone with the intials EJ.
Hey E Jack come make me a sandwhich.
by Bro000 March 03, 2009
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