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The non-umulaut spelling of the word 'Einha¨nder'. Has 2 definitions

1- Rough German for 'One-Handed' or 'Sword held with one hand'

2- Squaresoft's only side-scrolling shooter, released in 1998, featuring a suicide pilot against the entire Earth military as a recon/destroy mission for the Moon nation of Selene. The craft piloted has a bizarre shape, and features a single arm (manipulator in-game) with which to steal disabled/destroyed enemie's guns. Because of the one hand, is fittingly called an Einha¨nder.
1- "After my arm was amputated, I was limited to Einha¨nders for the medival festivals."
2- "Man, you can never find a copy of Einha¨nder anywhere."
by akura February 21, 2005
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