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reference to the vast expansion of pupils usually due to drug use. Your eyes are eightballed when there is little to no color left around the pupil.
Don't try to tell me your not fucked up your eyes are still eight balled
by the bishop don macdonald November 14, 2005
to get gang banged. group sex by 4 men. 4xmen=8 testicles= 8 balls
1 That chic is such a slut, I'll bet she gets "eighballed" steady.

Those 4 pricks down at the bank tried to "eightball" me into signing a new mortgage
by maynard147 June 29, 2005
To be eightballed is to be slapped in the face for being mouthy and obnoxious. It refers to the slap heard round the world delivered to Danay Howard by Jorge Pena on the F-train in Greenwich Village after she belittled and then struck him. At the time, he was wearing a retro eightball leather jacket, not an easy fashion statement to pull off. This man is legend.
Bitch was mouthing off to everybody just before she got Eightballed.
by Beeb E. King November 16, 2014
when you drink before you smoke weed
man you're going to get 8 balled if you smoke now.
by kshady February 16, 2005
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