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the street, made famous by the movie, that seperates Detroit from the suburbs, stereotypical boundary between rich and broke
That kid tries to represent Detroit but he's from across Eight Mile
by ThatBoyRob February 14, 2006
In reality, the above definition is wrong, where "Eight Mile" is not a term to describe a "wanksta" but rather a name of a road in Detroit, Michigan. The way it is used above was most probably obtained after watching the movie "Eight Mile", which follows a young white male trying to make it in the rap music industry. Eight Mile Road is the official name of the street in Detroit, and it is supposedly known to segregate between whites and blacks of Detroit (either race is not supposed to cross it--border of each race's territory).
Eninem plays the young white male "Rabbit" in the movie Eight Mile.

White male #1: I want some beer from that store across Eight Mile, but they wouldn't let me in.

White male #2: Yo, didn't you know that the other side of the Mile is not permitting white folk? Just stick to this side.
by Skario April 19, 2004
A road in Michigan that seperates Macomb County and Wayne County, (Wayne county is where the city of Detroit is)
Stay off eight mile, too many cops.
by Miss Magz March 27, 2008
How far you must walk before you walk 9 miles.
I made that 8 mile trek and I'm about to die. I wish I had a car.
by jackdaniels April 28, 2004

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