when two guys are doing a girl from opposite ends and put their hands together to emulate the Eiffel Tower
Ey bro, we should totally take that girl to France, take off her pants, and show her the Eiffel Tower.
by T Dunn November 30, 2007
when a girl gets penetrated from two guys while they standing one i guy in her pussy and the other in her ass. she is floating in the middle. this gives the impressions of the eifel tower with four legs and her head floating above in the middle
Dave and I pulled an eiffel tower on Amanda last night, she is such a whore.
by XHEAD September 13, 2006
An act in which three or more people encircle another group of one or more people by clasping each other's hands above their heads, and proceed to exclaim "EIFFEL TOWER, BITCHESSS!" before scattering. The origins (and raison d'etre) of the act are unknown, but it is supposed that the name refers to the shape of the joined arms of the encirclers.
Guy #1: "What the fuck just happened?"
Guy #2: "I think we just got Eiffel Towered."
by Luisa Asiul February 08, 2009
A big building. Pretty much the logo of france.
I went to france and bought one of those little eiffel tower models because I'm a tourist
by where am i? March 06, 2005
from the movie "waiting" pulling the penis strait up and creating as much triangle shape as possible with the testicles by pulling them strait down, yielding an Eiffel tower-like shape. get someone to look at it by saying "hey, theres a used condom in here, come see" then proceed to kick them in the ass for looking and being a queer.
i can do the best eiffel tower, its amazing. it will change your life.
by viciousk January 31, 2008
A Pig Roast with a celebration. See pig roast.
Krystal was being Eiffel Towered by Matt and Ryan. She loves every second of it.
by Salty March 01, 2005
Sexual move where one man puts his penis in a girls mouth and the other guy puts it in her butt.
Cliff and Casey like to Eiffel Tower the C-Store girl.
by D-Money January 22, 2005
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