A movement and lifestyle in which a person lives with self-confidence and the inner drive for success.
A person living the egonomics lifestyle will get through any obstacle in life.
by Waddupz December 02, 2011
Top Definition
1. the logic used to justify ones actions for personal gain 2. the art of being self-centered 3. the actions and attitudes one takes to appear beter than others, that to the outside observer, shows he/she is a real jerk.
It was his egonomics that caused his to die a lonely man, and the geek, a millionaire
by Silly Dad August 12, 2003
Purchases made to satisfy the ego of the purchaser, rather than out of necessity. Often company directors subscribe to this philosophy.
by Ian Chode August 11, 2003
The study of the (often inverse) relationship between the size of a persons ego and their true worth to society.
He talks about himself all day, but egonomics states no-one would notice if he died.
by Drazyl August 11, 2003
The social science that deals with one's ego.
The preps should major in egonomics.
by anonymous August 10, 2003
The Law of Egonomics states that; there is the Right Way; the Wrong Way and then there's My Way. If you don't like My Way you can hit the highway.
The Law of Egonomics apply when bad business decisions are made by Egotistical CEO's, Presidents or Managers.
by J. Allen R. September 12, 2003
The propensity of some people to act in such a way, that it forces those around them to accommodate, or at least necessarily deal with said behavior.
He is a master in the art of egonomics--forcing people to deal with his antics.
She employs egonomics on a regular basis, and she usually gets her way.
by Tony The Tiger 8669 September 12, 2013
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