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Ego butt: noun - referring to an individual engaging in certain behaviors - Their ego has made them act like a butt. When an individual's opinion, goaded by personal ego, moves him to say something wrong, hurtful or harmful; particularly if any conversation about it is met with antagonism and a willingness to argue. If, however, an apology is offered by the offending ego butt, it should be immediately accepted. If the person has not already been called an ego butt by you before the apology, do not then call him an ego butt. If there is no apology offered by the ego buttt, then his status may be upgraded to ego idiot (one step up from ego butt). Because of the personality issues with these types of people, proceed with caution. Thumper reminded us if we have nothing nice to say then we should say nothing at all; at least in the heat of the moment. Save the name calling for when you can both laugh about it. If no such time presents itself, or you are sure the offender will never laugh about it and most probably try to harm you physically, socially, in the work arena, etc, use the term liberally in your mind only. It, its meaning and the offender will still exist and you will remain unharmed and anonymous. Caution: whatsoever is in your heart/mind can inadvertently pop out. Enjoy wallowing in the word only occasionally and in moderation as is deemed necessary.
Offender: what I said to you was not me treating you like a child and you can just accept that. We'll have no more to say about it, because I said so. Oh - sorry - I shouldn't have said that.
Non-0ffender: thank you for the apology.

Offender: Don't you tell me anything about what I just said and you can just accept that. 😠
Non-offender: don't be an ego butt.
Offender: Bark Bark!! Woof Woof !!
Non-offender: Here's where you either say it or think it, your discretion.
by Kitchensink September 17, 2013
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