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chafing so badly near your genitals the temperature becomes hot enough to fry an egg.
JT, " Bro I'm eggz benedicked out mang ."

Mike, " you gottzd tah gold bond that shit cuh."

JT, " shiiiiiiiit."
by Bandana Raburn September 17, 2011
Eggz Benedicked involves a man and a woman. The man and the woman start having sex, then the man pours warm hollandaise sauce into the womans vagina. The man and the woman begin having sex. After the man ejaculates inside the woman, he then proceeds to eat a poached egg off her rectum and slurps the hollandaise from her vagina.
That couple loves the Eggz Benedicked.
by bigbully0110 November 10, 2010

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