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1) Coined terminology for describing the quality of something being egg-shaped.

2) Similar to tubular except that it lacks being hollow.

(It's pronunciation is similar to that of "jugular" as in "OH MY GOD! DON'T BITE HER JUGULAR!")
1) Frustrated at using the cumbersome term "egg-shaped" to describe the sleek and eggular form of the newly engineered product made by Gilette, Sharique adopted the terminology "eggular". Then she told her art historian friend, Wes, who immediately took a liking to it and used it to describe everything from the echo, the bull terrier's characteristic nose and the formal qualities of Constantin Brancusi's sculptures.

2) Duuuuude, "spooktacular savings" at CVS pharmacy?! That's totally eggular!
by Kaworu July 07, 2004
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