A dweeb. An idiot. A person without a clue. Often has a shaved head.
"That mofo eggplant paid $20 for some oregano."
by Mike November 21, 2003
when your skiing or snowboarding or wutever and u completely wipe out and face plant and just loose it all together
HAHAH yesterday piper Totally eggplanted. like right in front of the lift line too!
by Julia February 09, 2004
To change someone's visual style to eggplant as a Windows 2000 theme without the user's knowledge.
"Dude, I think someone puked on my screen...dammit, I got eggplanted."

"Hey, I've got a cool idea. Let's eggplant this motherfucker."
"Wow, let's not go too far, man"
by The Finger Nick November 09, 2008
eggplant is a term used to describe a feeling toward another person such as a hobo, usually of kindness or love
hello eggplant.
do you deserve eggplant?
by 9705826966048363969cb October 20, 2007

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